Day 8

Meal Prep Monday! When you meal prep you save a lot of time thinking of what to eat and preparing.(plus you save a lot of time not doing dishes) Today also marks the first 8 days done! Breakfast: 2 protein donuts (SPARK drink, Fiber drink, probiotic) Snack: apple Lunch: Squash, chicken, and artichoke hearts Snack: […]

Day 6

It’s a beautiful Saturday, and I was in the mood to bake! So I made protein cake muffins, yummy! Breakfast: Protein cake donut (SPARK drink, probiotic) Snack: Lunch: Chipolte Snack: cheese, and an apple Dinner: ate my cleanse pills Snack: Water intake: 12 glasses of water exercise: took a day off Had a late start […]

Day 5

Todays Friday!!! Tonights the night of the concert and many many plans! Breakfast: eggs, 1/2 a grapefruit (SPARK drink, Probiotic) Snack:quinoa bar Lunch: Chicken, spinach, quinoa Snack: apple, Spark drink Dinner: Panera turkey sandwich, glass of wine, (healthy fat pills) Snack:cheese danish, coffee Danish not a good idea to high in sugar, and the coffee […]

Becoming: Proverbs 31 Girl ✓

Growing up I always had the mentality that Proverbs 31 was qualities that a wife and mother needed to have. Whenever I read that chapter I always thought to myself “Wow, what an amazing woman of God – I’m going to have a LOT to work on to keep up with the standards that she sets”.…

A Tip for Your Topknot

Keira Lennox {image source} I like big buns and I cannot lie. But for a style that looks so effortless, it can be awfully tricky to master the just-messy-enough topknot. Or maybe it’s just me. Anyone else get a cockatoo crest on the majority of attempts? {Yeah, it’s probably just me.} In last month’s issue […]