21 Reasons It’s Better To Live Alone

Fantastic, I am even more sure I made the right decision to move to Seattle this summer!

Thought Catalog

Risky Business (25th Anniversary Edition)Risky Business (25th Anniversary Edition)

1) You’re responsible for doing all the chores, which probably means your place is going to stay a lot cleaner than if you had a roommate. There’s no person who always takes out the trash to depend on!

2) You’re free to walk around as naked as you want, at all times. Even if you’re just running from the bedroom to the shower to grab something real quick.

3) You won’t have to worry about saving the hot water for your roommates. It’s all yours.

4) You get to “host” sex with anyone at any time. No more trying to work around your roommate’s work/class hours to schedule those hook ups. And guess what? When you’re done your sex friend has their own place to go back to!

5) Relatedly, you won’t have to hear your roommates having loud, gross sex with a person you…

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