From Every Angle

It’s the big night, Vista Ridge vs. The Rouse Raiders it’s in the fourth quarter and the crowd is on edge. My job is to capture every moment till the final whistle of the fourth quarter. While doing my job I am pushed to the side by a ref. “You are to close ma’am,” says the ref. When in reality I am standing behind the white line. So I politely moved backwards and took stance for the snap and the ref decides to not so politely stand directly in front of me. So I thought how can I get the shot? We’ll hey!  Sometimes the best shots are from the most interesting angles i.e. through the perspective of the ref. I got on the floor and took the picture between his legs (behind the white line and all). The Rouse Raiders took home the win but it was short lived when the Rangers went to play-offs surpassing them in the end.


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