Day 8

Meal Prep Monday! When you meal prep you save a lot of time thinking of what to eat and preparing.(plus you save a lot of time not doing dishes)
Today also marks the first 8 days done!

Breakfast: 2 protein donuts (SPARK drink, Fiber drink, probiotic)
Snack: apple
Lunch: Squash, chicken, and artichoke hearts
Snack: cheese, and turkey (SPARK drink)
Dinner: Eggplant pizza (healthy fat pills)

Water intake: 12 glasses
Exercise: Leg day, 20 min. HIT cardio


Day 6

It’s a beautiful Saturday, and I was in the mood to bake! So I made protein cake muffins, yummy!

Breakfast: Protein cake donut (SPARK drink, probiotic)
Lunch: Chipolte
Snack: cheese, and an apple
Dinner: ate my cleanse pills

Water intake: 12 glasses of water
exercise: took a day off
Had a late start to my busy day didn’t get around to eating all my meals. Try not do this.

Day 5

Todays Friday!!!
Tonights the night of the concert and many many plans!

Breakfast: eggs, 1/2 a grapefruit (SPARK drink, Probiotic)
Snack:quinoa bar
Lunch: Chicken, spinach, quinoa
Snack: apple, Spark drink
Dinner: Panera turkey sandwich, glass of wine, (healthy fat pills)
Snack:cheese danish, coffee
Danish not a good idea to high in sugar, and the coffee is fine with no added syrups

Water intake: 12 glasses of water
Exercise: arm day

Becoming: Proverbs 31 Girl ✓

PROVERBS 31, PROVERBS 31 WOMAN, DAUGHTER BY DESIGNGrowing up I always had the mentality that Proverbs 31 was qualities that a wife and mother needed to have. Whenever I read that chapter I always thought to myself “Wow, what an amazing woman of God – I’m going to have a LOT to work on to keep up with the standards that she sets”. Recently as I was once again reading this chapter from the bible it dawned on me that I need to work on having all of those qualities in my life right now – not the day after my wedding. There’s a saying out there about how putting a ring on your finger and getting married does not mean that you will automatically become this amazing wife/husband you thought you would be. If you don’t possess these qualities in your life before marriage, then you won’t have them after you get married either.

I decided to break…

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Home Sweet Home: My Interior Inspiration and a New Blog Feature

Keira Lennox

I was 21 when C and I completed construction on our home. Getting that head start was one of the greatest blessings of my life; I count my lucky stars every day for our little hacienda, and if I have my way, we’ll have many more years there.

I didn’t know the first thing about interior design back then (and there was no such thing as Pinterest, if you can even imagine) so I went the safe neutral route: white burber carpet, cream walls, and cream couches from Rooms to Go. We were really young and really broke, so there wasn’t extra cash lying around for accoutrements: besides the red and brown throw pillows that came with the couches and a few matching candleholders from Pier 1, the first several years were bland, y’all.

Over time, we slowly made improvements as we could afford them, including replacing the…

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A Tip for Your Topknot

Keira Lennox

Elizabeth Mayville Topknot Illustration {image source}

I like big buns and I cannot lie.

But for a style that looks so effortless, it can be awfully tricky to master the just-messy-enough topknot. Or maybe it’s just me. Anyone else get a cockatoo crest on the majority of attempts?

{Yeah, it’s probably just me.}

In last month’s issue of Allure, there was a feature on How to Get Surfer-Girl Hair. It shared a tip that totally changed my topknot game: Start by working two big handfuls of mousse into your dry hair from roots to ends. The mousse gives your hair some volume and grip, making it much easier to twist into a bun without any weird pieces jutting out.

When you’re sufficiently moussed — don’t be shy; handfuls, ladies —  flip your head and roughly dry your hair with a blowdryer and your fingers. While you’re still upside down, gather all your hair…

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Last Night I Took Off My Purity Ring

This is beautiful!

Be Malleable

Last night-after 6 years- I took off my purity ring.
Not because I no longer desire to be pure but because of the little words engraved on the ring: “True Love Waits”. I don’t want this to sound cheesy or even condescending, but no. TRUE love doesn’t wait.

The reality is I have experienced the ultimate love of Jesus. Not JUST because he died on the cross for me-the ultimate act of love- but because he constantly romances me every single day with a love that never fails. No, he is not my “boyfriend” but he is true love. He is the love I’ve been waiting for. I’m not “waiting” around for something better, because there is no better love. If the Lord gives me the gift of marriage, then that’s soooo exciting. But life doesn’t start when you get married people. Its now. Its right in front of…

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